TT Shakedown

TT Position Profile

Today I went for another time trial session.  This time I had almost the complete setup I’ll use for the State TT next weekend: longsleeved skinsuit, aero helmet, aero bars, and shoecovers.  The only thing missing is an aero front wheel I hope to borrow, and possibly and old-school wheel cover if I can find one.  I lowered my handlebars an additional 5mm, and think I have settled on a saddle setback about 8mm forward of normal, with about 6mm additional height.

Lyons -> Boulder Profile

Today I rode the Boulder TT Series course (the Lyons to Boulder direction), which is exposed rolling hills.  I used to ride to Lyons a lot as a kid, and back then I think 34 minutes was the best I ever did on my mountain bike.  I can’t make the Boulder TT Series since I work every Wednesday, and my time today was pretty bad compared to last night’s series opener, but according to the weather station they had a quite favorable ~8 mph tailwind.

TT Frontal Profile

I was properly recovered this time and went out for an approximate 2×20 workout which went well.  I rode Boulder to Lyons, and Lyons to Boulder.  This time I saw my power, HR, and RPE were closer to normal.  I still saw my threshold power about 10% lower than on my usual road setup.  I know it is normal to have somewhat lower power in a cramped TT position, but I don’t quite know what level of trade off gives the best overall speed.  I guess this is what the windtunnel is for…

Anyway, I hope to have an aero wheel setup to take out to the State TT course next week, probably on Tuesday.

10.6 Miles Time Avg Speed Avg Power
Boulder -> Lyons 22:21 28.56 mph 307w
Lyons -> Boulder 26:48 23.75 mph 304w

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I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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