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My final reader question post will address two-a-day workouts.  Doing two workouts in one day potentially can be more beneficial than one long workout.  For cycling, which is an endurance sport, this may be less true than others.  Other sports … Continue reading

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Weight Loss for Cycling

The title for this followup to my previous post may see similar until you look carefully at the context.  If your only goal is to lose weight (think Biggest Loser) than you don’t need to worry too much about overtraining, … Continue reading

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Cycling for Weight Loss

Two years ago (January, 2009), I was overweight and unhappy.  I’ve been prone to weight gain my whole life and had been up around 200 lbs a few times before, but after a change at work left me at a … Continue reading

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Reader Questions

I’ve gotten a few questions from a reader I’ll be answering in the next couple posts.  I wanted to give some in-depth answers so I’m going to break the questions down into a few topics. I’ve gotten back on the … Continue reading

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In reference to my recent post on patience, cycling is a complex sport and takes time to master its many aspects.  One of those is bike maintenance.  Working on your own bike may seem intimidating at first, but if you …

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Sorry folks, I’ve been a bit asleep at the trigger as of late.  I think the seven day blog post drought is the longest in the history of the blog!  But fear not, I’ll do my best to keep things …

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Road racing is all about patience.  Everybody wants as much as they can get, as quickly as they can get it.  But in cycling, as in life, there are pitfalls to those who over do it or take shortcuts to …

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The Gateway Ride

Every city has its group rides.  Riders meet up with (usually) common goals and head out at a regular time and place.  Some rides are low key; riders show up at the coffee shop at 9am, and decide where to … Continue reading

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It’s not about the bike… Or is it?

The bike.  Something to be obsessed over.  It is what makes the sport unique.  A machine that can take you places you couldn’t imagine, and up to speeds that make your eyes water and ears beg for mercy from the … Continue reading

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