Base 1 & Weekly Schedule

I’m in the middle of my first phase of Base training.  If you’re going ‘By the Book’, The Cyclist’s Training Bible, then you’ll know this phase as “Base 1″.  This is the first organized phase of training and focuses on speed(pedaling) skills, strength, and aerobic endurance.

Everyone has a unique set of demands in their life when it comes to organizing workouts.  Firstly, there are what Joe Friel calls ‘anchor’ workouts.  These are days with group rides or other opportunities for workouts that occur on a specific day.  For me, Thursday is one of these days: I don’t have any obligations (except sleeping) between my 12 hours shifts at work.  For my weekly schedule below, I have the ‘worse case scenario’; My four day work week (I only work three days every other week) and my longest week of the year – 14 hours.

Base 1 - Weekly Schedule - 13.5 hours

This is the generic schedule I’ve been using so far.  For fewer weekly hours, I reduce the length of a few workouts.  The week is designed to give me a three day block early in the week, with a skills workout first when I am freshest and a long ride at the end.  A well timed rest day Friday (When the whole family is home) is followed by a couple longer rides over the weekend.

Everybody has their own demands and constraints when building their training program.  Mine is particularly unique because we have a child and don’t work strict ‘banker hours’.  In this post I wanted to give you an idea of creative scheduling and what it takes to work full time, care for a toddler, and race at an elite level.

About Russell

I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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  1. jouxpane says:

    Nice to see the weekly schedule of an elite racer. So many racers keep that kind of info real close to the chest, out of superstition or not wanting to divulge their secrets or something. Thanks.

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