Weekly Update

The blog has been doing incredibly well so far in 2012.  Last season saw a major uptick in hits during the spring, but not until April/May during Tour of the Gila.  I’m not sure if the blog will have further increase throughout the spring, but I take increasing readership as a sign of success for the blog.  I’m always humbled by the amount of readership and praise for the blog, and I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for reading.

Unfortunately on the training front, the week has been a major letdown.  Firstly, I’ve had some knee pain crop up.  Keeping a training log can be very useful in keeping track of nagging issues such as this.  The first ride I had any pain was Jan 31.  Last week I had a little more trouble and was taking ibuprofen before rides.  On Monday, my TT bike seemed to be adding to the strain and I had to cut my workout short.

To add to this, I’ve come down with what I believe is the flu.  My baby came down with it the week before last.  He was totally miserable with a fever, cough and a lot of snot for most of the week.  The CDC tracks flu activity and announced a few days ago that Colorado and California had for the past three weeks and officially opened flu season.  I haven’t been too sick, but have had some congestion, fatigue, and a scratchy throat.

I took both of these maladies as a sign to take the week off.  My tentative self-diagnosis for my knee is .  Like many problems, the causes are ‘multi-factorial’, or have multiple possible causes, and are best healed by rest.  For the time being I’m taking some R&R and stretching regularly.

I’ve got a ride scheduled for tomorrow.  I would like to get in a good ride with some tempo intervals, but I’ll be ready to pull the plug or ride easier if needed.  The first race of the season is next weekend.  I now have the time off work, but I won’t race if I’m not ready.

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I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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7 Responses to Weekly Update

  1. Matt says:

    My recommendations are quad, hip flexor, IT band stretches. A foam roller or similar device is a must for serious cyclists. The TT bike most likely has your knee falling a bit more forward in relationship to the crank arm. Check your position on your bikes, make sure the seat is high enough. It’s most likely a mechanics issue. I just went through my first knee pain issue myself and I’m the kind of person who likes to know what’s going on.

    • says:

      I’ve had some minor IT Band issues in the past. Last spring I had pain in my right hip (same as the knee). Regular foam rolling and stretching kept me going through Tour of the Gila… But in the end it was rest that seemed most effective.

      Today’s ride was OK on the knee front. I’d give it a 5/10. I’m still on the fence about whether it is worth the money to go see someone next week.

      • Mike says:

        Russell –

        Unsolicited advice for the peanut gallery: Stop riding today, and go see Charlie: . He is a pretty good local cyclocrosser, but a really good therapist. I’ve been to them all in Boulder, and he stands above the rest. Excellent value and understanding of your need to resolve the issue and get back on the bike. IT band stuff needs to be addressed, not just managed. It seems like you could use a down week anyway to let the sickness run its course. If you had a professional coach, he would lock your bike away until the knee was pain free and the sickness was gone. It’s the end of February. Take a deep breath, get this fixed and come back stronger and 100% functional.

  2. says:

    Me too. Man, it stinks to be us…and I just wound up ith conjunctivitis on top of everything else. I had a 12.3 mile run planned for yesterday and ended up spinning inside instead. I going to try and run through it today but I’m miserable.

    • Matt says:

      “I going to try and run through it today but I’m miserable” 95% of the time people later regret doing this.

      • says:

        I’m one of the 5%. I do it whenever I get sick… the trick is when the flu started (Monday). It’s far enough removed that I’ll be ok. The pink-eye also comes with flu-like symptoms too so I’ll probably consult with a nurse that I know first but the fog lifted an hour ago and I’m feeling up to it. I was thinking of cutting the run short though – so I can go for a ride too. It’s pretty nice out for a change.

        Thanks for the concern though, it’s appreciated.

  3. says:


    The thread is too deep for me to reply directly, but thank you for the advice.

    Keeping the time of year and my goals in perspective will be my mantra for the next few weeks, I think.

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