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Local Doping Bust – Todd Robertson

I’m not a very ‘in the know’ guy, but I actually heard this name last summer.  The news broke this afternoon and I wanted to take a quick moment to get on my soapbox. First, there are a few interesting … Continue reading

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The Big Ride – Report

Ideally each training cycle lasts three weeks, followed by a rest week.  I often try to incorporate a ‘blowout’ ride at the end of each cycle.  I have tried various methods with these rides, but I usually try to approach … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

The past few weeks have brought my season’s goals into focus.  It has been a long off-season after battling a pair of injuries (a broken collarbone, and my recent knee pain).  I’ve emerged from winter healthy and ready to take … Continue reading

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Simple Team Tactics for Road Racing

If you race, you should watch pro racing.  There is a lot of insight to be gained from watching the strategy play out during a race.  However, pro racing contrasts with most weekend warriors in a few important ways: Length … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

I’m back on the bike and I’ve been riding for a week pain free.  I know I’m not 100% out of the woods yet, as I can still find a tender spot in my knee, but it seems as though … Continue reading

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Lookout Mountain Time Trial Pacing

With my new schedule at work, I’ll be missing the Lookout Mountain Hillclimb Time Trial this Saturday.  The climb was used in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge’s final stage last year, and also features in two local races, a hill … Continue reading

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Knee Pain – Diagnosis

My knee pain had improved significantly with taping and stretching, and I was tempted to race Sunday and cancel my appointment.  However, I decided to keep my ‘eye on the prize’ of my later season goals and picked up an … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

This is just a quick note and a follow up on my promise for a non-knee related posting for last week.  I am planning a post with some video analysis of riding in crosswinds.  There are a few specific things … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

I stuck to the plan and took it easy on the bike last week.  I rode for about 4 hours and did two hours of core strength and stretching last week.  After a few easy/recovery paced rides without pain, I … Continue reading

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Knee Pain

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve come down with knee pain. It seemed to start on my last training ride in January, when I noticed an ache/burning under my right kneecap.  I specifically recall feeling it while climbing … Continue reading

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