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Cyclocross Power Analysis

Now that I’ve got a few races under my belt with power data, I wanted to take some time to go over what I’ve learned and how useful I think it is.  Some of the analysis is for power data … Continue reading

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The Saga of CrossVegas, Part 2

I arrived on the day of the race with plenty of time to spare.  Overall I was well prepared with the exception of only having time to shave one leg, as I was interrupted during my morning shower by an … Continue reading

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The Saga of CrossVegas 2012, Part 1

Note: I wanted to write the post before the race but I was just too busy working four of the six days before the race.  I’m writing this after the race and will write part 2 later in the week. … Continue reading

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Cyclocross – Mud Tips

Yesterday I raced my first cyclocross race of the season.  The field was pretty good sized for a weeknight race in the mud, with some tough competition from Tim Allen.  We fought it out for the first two laps of … Continue reading

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I’ll start my in-depth cyclocross series with what is the most important, and often mis-understood, aspect of cyclocross equipment: where the rubber meets the road.  Many racers are familiar with either road or mountain bike equipment, but starting from either …

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Cyclocross 101

I’ve heard cyclocross referred to as “a cult within a cult”, a reference to the fact that cycling isn’t quite a mainstream sport (in the US), and that cyclocross is even more obscure.  However, the sport has been growing steadily … Continue reading

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Reader Questions

Howdy folks.  Sorry for the slow week on the blog.  It’s been one of the rare times I’ve had writer’s block.  Usually the posts come pretty freely and there is something on my mind I’ve been meaning to cover.  Please … Continue reading

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