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Top Posts of 2011

In case you missed any good reading this year, I will link and summarize my most viewed posts of 2011.  Readership on the blog ballooned in April, and a few of these posts are before then, so perhaps you missed … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

Cyclocross is offically here!  The local road racing season is finished with the exception of a fall mid-week TT series.  For those of us who know better, it is time to put away the TT bike and get the CX … Continue reading

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Time Trial Improvement

Last season was my first full season with a power meter.  It opened my eyes to a few things, including the fact that I have a natural “Time Trialist” power profile.  I thought this would automatically make me good in … Continue reading

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Gauging Recovery from Heart Rate and Power

I received a question on gauging recovery status from heart rate and power.  I have almost two years worth of power and heart rate data, so I thought I would detail my experiences.  Keep in mind every rider is different, … Continue reading

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Time Trial Improvement

With one of my goals for 2011 to improve my time trialing ability, and the first race on the calendar being a time trial event, I have been putting a bit of time and energy into various aspects of my … Continue reading

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2010 Data in Review

I am in the early stages of planning for 2011, and one of the key things to look at is my performance in 2010.  I am using every tool available to me to try to figure out what worked.  I … Continue reading

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DXA Body Composition

There are a many ways to measure basic body composition, and I have used a few over the years.  Calipers are quite simple, accurate, and often free.  I was calipered once at 24 hour fitness as part of a free … Continue reading

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On Sunday I came down with a cold.  Not a bad one, but some body aches for a couple days, which has now moved into my throat, leaving persistent phlegm, a hoarse voice, and the occasional tickley cough.  I haven’t …

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The Past Year – By The Numbers

I’ve been going quite well, and have not been doing my threshold estimation tests all summer long.  I find testing to me more useful during the early parts of the season when I am not racing as often. Since I’ve … Continue reading

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John Stenner Memorial Colorado State Time Trial

I have mixed feelings about how this race went.  After being under the weather all week I felt pretty good this morning and prepared for the race per usual.  A couple bowls of cereal three hours prior, an iced quad … Continue reading

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