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Weekly Update

I stuck to the plan and took it easy on the bike last week.  I rode for about 4 hours and did two hours of core strength and stretching last week.  After a few easy/recovery paced rides without pain, I … Continue reading

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Bike Racing Categories

All sports have categories of competition.  Take the NFL for example, there are the “Pros” (NFL Players), and a few ‘minor leagues’, like College Football and Arena Football.  Cycling is no different, with stratification of pro teams and amateur license … Continue reading

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Fractured Clavicle – Orthopedist Update

It was a little nerve wracking waiting almost two days to get an X-ray of my shoulder.  At first I was certain of the diagnosis, but doubt and worry crept in over time.  Luckily the X-ray showed the most common … Continue reading

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Again, it is Thursday, but it is my blog and I can bend space and time if I want to. This week has been pretty slow for me on the bike.  My wife talked me into going on a long …

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This is just a quick update from my phone. My trip to Boise was great. if you’re looking for the short version of events you can check my Twitter feed to the right or on Twitter.

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This was my first time at the BRC Crit.  The course at first seemed a typical four corner office park crit.  This was true for the most part, except the pavement was a bit unique.  Just over half the course …

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The State TT is next weekend so I decided to check out the new course.  Unfortunately I’ve been off my TT bike since Gila.  I have only been finding time and recovery for one ride per week outside racing, and …

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Last Weekend’s races were basically a complete success.  I had good results and was mentioned in the local paper after both day’s races.  It wasn’t anything spectacular but I was mentioned in the story about the race listing the breakaway …

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I don’t have much time to write this as I am busy packing.  Tour of the Gila starts the day after tomorrow.  It is about a 12 hour drive, so tomorrow is a travel day and then the race starts …

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Road racing is all about patience.  Everybody wants as much as they can get, as quickly as they can get it.  But in cycling, as in life, there are pitfalls to those who over do it or take shortcuts to … Continue reading

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