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Knee Pain

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve come down with knee pain. It seemed to start on my last training ride in January, when I noticed an ache/burning under my right kneecap.  I specifically recall feeling it while climbing … Continue reading

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Local Politics: The ACA vs USAC

If you have a good memory, you’ll recall that I wrote in detail about some of the local issues with race sanctioning and how it related to my racing.  There is a big vote by local teams and promoters on … Continue reading

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Mead Roubaix

I will spare you a few details of why, but the start line for the Mead Roubaix looked a bit different than usual.  The Boulder Roubaix (this year held in Mead), is usually one of the bigger races of the … Continue reading

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The bike.  Something to be obsessed over.  It is what makes the sport unique.  A machine that can take you places you couldn’t imagine, and up to speeds that make your eyes water and ears beg for mercy from the …

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2 Upgrade Points! I will update this post tomorrow with a proper race report. For now, you’ll have to savor the picture of me in the Leader’s Jersey, and a video of the Cat 3 peloton.

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