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Wednesday Weekly Update

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Weekly Update published, but now that I’m back to regular training, I’ve got a few things say.  Training has been going along, and I’ve had a few good and (more) bad days.  … Continue reading

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Why the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge WONT include Flagstaff Mountain

Since the host cities announcement last week, everyone in Boulder has been going crazy with speculation of a finish up Flagstaff.  Personally, I think this would be the most awesome thing in the whole world.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it … Continue reading

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Race Video

Here is a good video from the race last weekend.  It has my first on-camera interview at the end.  I had trouble talking after inhaling all the dust on the course, but all things considered I think I did pretty … Continue reading

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Boulder Cyclocross Series #2 – Xilinx

Many local cyclocross venues come and go over the years.  It can be hard to maintain positive relations when hundreds of shaved legged cyclists invade a public space and ride all over the landscaping, I suppose.  The Xilinx race has … Continue reading

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The Pro Tour Comes to Boulder

One of the bonuses of having a large international race nearby is the riders taking over your town.  Whether it is sipping espresso in your local cafe, or racing on your favorite roads, it is fun to have those at … Continue reading

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I’ve been getting really lucky at work the last few weeks.  I work until 3am every Friday night, and also work every-other Saturday.  Some Saturday races are pretty tough for me, and the 8:10 am start of the Mike Horgan …

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One thing I didn’t mention about the previous day’s Hugo Road Race was my recovery status.  It was poor.  I’m not exactly sure why, since I only did two hard rides the week prior and both were under two hours.  …

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I got a request to answer some ridiculous questions from a reader.  They are pretty random, but I figured I’d take a stab at them. Any tips on descending fast? This is a frequent topic of online discussion.  There are …

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Every city has its group rides.  Riders meet up with (usually) common goals and head out at a regular time and place.  Some rides are low key; riders show up at the coffee shop at 9am, and decide where to …

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I decided to take Saturday off to rest, and arrived at the new venue in Westminster without any systemic symptoms, but with a gnarly hoarse throat.  The course was a bit of a power course.  It featured two semi technical …

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