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Simple Team Tactics for Road Racing

If you race, you should watch pro racing.  There is a lot of insight to be gained from watching the strategy play out during a race.  However, pro racing contrasts with most weekend warriors in a few important ways: Length … Continue reading

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Solo Breakaways

With winter in full force, I thought I’d put up a quick race strategy post.  I hope this will give the racers out there a little extra motivation when out training, and possibly spend some time on the road visualizing … Continue reading

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Bannock is one of the three big Colorado Criteriums.  It is a classic downtown crit with a figure eight course featuring two long straights and a small hill.  It is fast enough to be semi-technical but overall is the least …

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The Vic’s Prospect Crit is a race I’ve been wanting to do for some time.  I had heard the course is super-technical and that turned out to be mostly correct.  The course was about half a mile in length with …

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This is the biggest race of the year in Boulder.  It has a lot of history and is an incredibly selective course.  If the race didn’t have the history behind it, I think people would question the sanity of the …

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Dead Dog Stage Race – Criterium and Time Trial

Criterium I was in good position going into the final day of racing.  Due to time bonuses, I was ten seconds from the lead, with a couple dozen back to third.  Fourth placed James Peterman, who had been dropped from … Continue reading

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It was nice to race a new (to me) course.  Just like the flyer said, it had wide, smooth, safe corners.  There was a slight elevation change per lap but was also essentially flat with a very long finishing straight.  …

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One of my best races ever was this spring’s DU Criterium, which is on the same course at Denver’s City Park.  The race has been going for many years and is a Denver classic.  The course is technical with three …

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If you’ve been following my tweets, you know what happened.  Otherwise, I’ll explain: I messed up.  Big time.  The Iron Horse filled up before I registered.  I’m not really used to this happening since the Pro/1/2 races almost never fill …

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Uni Hill Criterium

One thing I didn’t mention about the previous day’s Hugo Road Race was my recovery status.  It was poor.  I’m not exactly sure why, since I only did two hard rides the week prior and both were under two hours.  … Continue reading

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