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Local Doping Bust – Todd Robertson

I’m not a very ‘in the know’ guy, but I actually heard this name last summer.  The news broke this afternoon and I wanted to take a quick moment to get on my soapbox. First, there are a few interesting … Continue reading

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The Lance Issue

One of the more frequent things people ask me these days when they find out I am an avid bike racer is, “Do you think Lance doped?”.  I’m not sure precisely why this is, but I have a few theories.  … Continue reading

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Chuck Coyle Commentary Followup

I wish I didn’t have to devote so much space on the blog for this topic, but as I said earlier, it has affected me quite a bit and I find myself thinking about it often. I am constantly reminded … Continue reading

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When the news broke, as I wrote in last Wednesday’s weekly update, I really didn’t know what to think.  Like many others, I spent a lot of time reading all the official news reports that I could find, and reloading …

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The more I look at last year compared to this year, the more I see history repeating.  Last season really took a nosedive following the last upgrade points I earned on Nov 14.  After that followed my only DNF, my …

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Doping and Supplements

I had a mental note to write about this topic at some point and recent events, particularly the admission of a Cat 3 racer on his way to the Pro ranks, reminded me about it. Doping: DOPERS SUCK! Can I … Continue reading

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