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This is one of the best races on the calendar.  It features a historic 13.5 mile loop which was used back in the days of the Coors Classic, the largest American stage race in the 80′s.  The defining feature of …

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Boulder Roubaix

Last weekend, I knew I was fatigued from high training load for my first race of the season at the Louisville Crit.  My result there was neutral; not good, but not bad.  After last season, where I was positively surprised … Continue reading

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Your First Bike Race

So you want to race eh?  It can be hard to figure out everything needed for your first bike race, so I’ve written a quick guide.  There can be a lot involved so I’ll try to briefly cover each point. … Continue reading

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Louisville Criterium

OUCH!  One of my favorite cycling quotes perfectly describes this race: “Sometimes you are the hammer, and sometimes you are the nail”. The Louisville Criterium is a good season opener.  The course is relatively safe, the pavement is in decent … Continue reading

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The North Boulder Park Crit is a classic local race and has been running since the mid eighties.  Today’s race drew a large Pro/1/2 field of over 70, including quite a few racers without day jobs.  I knew it would …

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