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Lookout Mountain Time Trial Pacing

With my new schedule at work, I’ll be missing the Lookout Mountain Hillclimb Time Trial this Saturday.  The climb was used in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge’s final stage last year, and also features in two local races, a hill … Continue reading

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Mike Horgan Hill Climb

I’ve been getting really lucky at work the last few weeks.  I work until 3am every Friday night, and also work every-other Saturday.  Some Saturday races are pretty tough for me, and the 8:10 am start of the Mike Horgan … Continue reading

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Almost Pro Bike – Russell Harding’s Blue Norcross SL

This post is a semi-spoof of cyclingnews’ Pro Bike features.  If you’ve been reading cyclingnews for a while, you have a pretty good feel of what to expect from one of these pieces.  They are mostly sponsor fluff, but generally … Continue reading

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A second place finish.  Possibly 4 upgrade points but will have to wait on official results. This was the second race this year I have done on three hours sleep between 12 hour shifts at work.  I decided to do …

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What a difference a year makes

As described above in the links about myself and the blog, I have not always been a fast Cat 3 racer. In fact, I only got back into the swing of things last season.  Prior to that I had not … Continue reading

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Sunshine Hill Climb

Another 3rd place finish!  Still looking to climb a bit higher on the podium, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.   No upgrade points for this hillclimb. It really is nice to ride from your house to a race.  … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

This week I am taking it a bit easier.  I put in a good ride day before yesterday (70 miles, 3.5 hours, a few hard efforts, TSS=206), but will only ride a little bit for the rest of this week. … Continue reading

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Lookout Mountain Hill Climb Photos

Took me a while to get these posted since I took them with a friend’s camera. Mostly pics of the Cat 4 Men field as they climbed the first set of switchbacks and rounded the bend near the “M”.  If … Continue reading

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