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Gauging Recovery from Heart Rate and Power

I received a question on gauging recovery status from heart rate and power.  I have almost two years worth of power and heart rate data, so I thought I would detail my experiences.  Keep in mind every rider is different, … Continue reading

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A Few Questions

I got a request to answer some ridiculous questions from a reader.  They are pretty random, but I figured I’d take a stab at them. Any tips on descending fast? This is a frequent topic of online discussion.  There are … Continue reading

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Mead Roubaix

I will spare you a few details of why, but the start line for the Mead Roubaix looked a bit different than usual.  The Boulder Roubaix (this year held in Mead), is usually one of the bigger races of the … Continue reading

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This morning I was greeted by dreary spring weather.  Many parts of the country see this sort of thing all the time, but in Boulder, a gray day with drizzle and mist is a rarity only seen in April.  It …

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I’ll admit it.  I over-did it last week.  This is an easy thing to do when you’re trying to ride your bike as fast as possible.  Everyone’s body is able to take a certain amount of overload while still making … Continue reading

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My final reader question post will address two-a-day workouts.  Doing two workouts in one day potentially can be more beneficial than one long workout.  For cycling, which is an endurance sport, this may be less true than others.  Other sports … Continue reading

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2010 Data in Review

I am in the early stages of planning for 2011, and one of the key things to look at is my performance in 2010.  I am using every tool available to me to try to figure out what worked.  I … Continue reading

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The Past Year – By The Numbers

I’ve been going quite well, and have not been doing my threshold estimation tests all summer long.  I find testing to me more useful during the early parts of the season when I am not racing as often. Since I’ve … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

Ok, so technically I am writing this at 12:02AM Thursday, but I’m closer than I have been! As I mentioned before I am trying to recreate my build up to my previous best race of the year in May, so, … Continue reading

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The first half of my racing season is finished.  I am considering it an unconditional success.  This winter I had no racing team, a 19.5 lb bike,  and a newly re-minted Cat 3 license.  After placing 6th at my first …

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