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Broken Clavicle – 4 weeks post surgery

Okay folks,  I know you probably come here for stories and analysis by an elite racer.  Going a week without any posts (longest drought ever?) and coming back to find another injury update may not be what you’re looking for.  … Continue reading

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Broken Clavicle – 3 weeks post surgery

Today is three full weeks after my ORIF procedure, and a month since fracture.  I have been taking a conservative approach since I’m not intending to return to race form for four more months.  I told the doctor that I … Continue reading

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Clavicle Update – Bone Stimulator

You’ve probably heard of PROs using a ‘Bone Stim’.  They’re not available to everyone, but I was lucky enough to have a family friend that had a pesky foot bone that wouldn’t heal.  Without even asking, they were nice enough … Continue reading

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Clavicle Fracture and Fixation – Two weeks later

I saw my surgeon today for my one week followup after surgery.  I’ve been feeling much better and have been off all meds for the past two days.  I started to feel like my sling was unnecessary if I was … Continue reading

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Gauging Recovery from Heart Rate and Power

I received a question on gauging recovery status from heart rate and power.  I have almost two years worth of power and heart rate data, so I thought I would detail my experiences.  Keep in mind every rider is different, … Continue reading

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Uni Hill Criterium

One thing I didn’t mention about the previous day’s Hugo Road Race was my recovery status.  It was poor.  I’m not exactly sure why, since I only did two hard rides the week prior and both were under two hours.  … Continue reading

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Cycling Recovery Drink

I’ve mentioned supplements a few months ago (I don’t use them), but I do believe in recovery drinks after hard workouts and races.  After a multi-hour workout your body is sensitive to carbohydrates and will put them back where they … Continue reading

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You may have noticed it is Thursday… I’ve been a bit busy. It took me longer than I expected to recover from the Dead Dog Stage Race. I’ve found since I’ve really increased the amount of racing/training that I do …

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Traditionally for cyclists, Mondays are reserved for a rest and recovery day.  With my schedule at work, I can ride seven days a week so I will usually do recovery rides. Recovery rides are slow.  Very slow.  Most coaches recommend …

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