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Weekly Update

The blog has been doing incredibly well so far in 2012.  Last season saw a major uptick in hits during the spring, but not until April/May during Tour of the Gila.  I’m not sure if the blog will have further … Continue reading

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Pre-Surgery Update

I’ll try my best to find some other subjects to write about but for now I’m pretty much living my life (as best I can) around my left shoulder.  I have been talking to a few folks who have been … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

I didn’t get an update posted on Wednesday, so here is what I’m up to: Tour of the Gila!!  The race starts Wednesday next week.  I’ve spent this weekend so far getting myself, and my household organized and ready.  I … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

You may have noticed it is Thursday… I’ve been a bit busy. It took me longer than I expected to recover from the Dead Dog Stage Race. I’ve found since I’ve really increased the amount of racing/training that I do … Continue reading

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Recovery Ride

Traditionally for cyclists, Mondays are reserved for a rest and recovery day.  With my schedule at work, I can ride seven days a week so I will usually do recovery rides. Recovery rides are slow.  Very slow.  Most coaches recommend … Continue reading

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