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Wednesday Weekly Update

Cyclocross is offically here!  The local road racing season is finished with the exception of a fall mid-week TT series.  For those of us who know better, it is time to put away the TT bike and get the CX … Continue reading

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DXA Body Composition

There are a many ways to measure basic body composition, and I have used a few over the years.  Calipers are quite simple, accurate, and often free.  I was calipered once at 24 hour fitness as part of a free … Continue reading

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TT Shakedown

Today I went for another time trial session.  This time I had almost the complete setup I’ll use for the State TT next weekend: longsleeved skinsuit, aero helmet, aero bars, and shoecovers.  The only thing missing is an aero front … Continue reading

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Threshold Power Estimation Test

As I mentioned a few days ago, power output at threshold is an important measure of cycling fitness. During the season, I usually perform Joe Friel’s FTP Confirmation Test monthly.  I have found this test to be minimally fatiguing and … Continue reading

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