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Training for Bike Racing – The Basics

I received a question from a reader last week and I wanted to answer it here.  I think it is a pretty common situation for many cyclists to find themselves in this time of year. As a beginning racer I’m … Continue reading

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Broken Clavicle – 4 weeks post surgery

Okay folks,  I know you probably come here for stories and analysis by an elite racer.  Going a week without any posts (longest drought ever?) and coming back to find another injury update may not be what you’re looking for.  … Continue reading

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Broken Clavicle – 3 weeks post surgery

Today is three full weeks after my ORIF procedure, and a month since fracture.  I have been taking a conservative approach since I’m not intending to return to race form for four more months.  I told the doctor that I … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

It has been a slow week on the blog, but it is because I’ve been exceptionally busy at home. If you follow my TrainingPeaks training archive (link on the right menu) you may have noticed I’ve been getting my workouts … Continue reading

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Post Surgery Update

As I had mentioned earlier, I had never had surgery or general anesthetic before.  A big part of what I’ve been experiencing the past week is mostly related to the surgery itself.  The procedure I had is known as ORIF, … Continue reading

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This is the second of a two part post detailing some year over year differences that I believe allowed my to progress to the highest level of amateur racing in 2011.  Here is the link to Part 1 if you …

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I came into today’s race a bit tired and wasn’t feeling much snap during warmup.  The course was similar to what I’ve seen before with a lot of different terrain.  A long paved climb, a fast sinuous descent on a soft …

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Last summer, I wrote a post detailing various aspects of my lifestyle and how they factored into my efforts to become a Cat 2.  This year I have gotten my Cat 1 and have seen increased success and fitness.  A …

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Wednesday Weekly Update

In past years, ‘cross season has been more of an after thought than anything else, but that is where I have always found my best results.  My arguments in the past have been a decreased depth of talent, and simply … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

Last year’s cyclocross training regime was simple: Race Saturday and Sunday, and ride Wednesday Worlds as my only workout.  Believe it or not, with 18 races and only about 9 workouts, I was able to eke out my best season … Continue reading

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