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The Saga of CrossVegas 2012, Part 1

Note: I wanted to write the post before the race but I was just too busy working four of the six days before the race.  I’m writing this after the race and will write part 2 later in the week. … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

I took a week off after Gila.  For me, this was a travel day Monday, and completely off the bike Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday I rode for one hour, Saturday two hours, and that was it.  If I had … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

My training was like clockwork for the first two months, but I had a few hiccups in the past month.  I rode too much the first week and had to take an unplanned rest week.  Last week racing got in … Continue reading

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Looking Back

At the beginning of this year I was coming off a successful season, upgrading to Cat 3 on the road, and Cat 2 for Cyclocross.  I had a long way to go, with an antiquated 19.5 lb bike, no road … Continue reading

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What It Takes

As you can see I have achieved my goal of upgrading to Cat 2.  I thought I would write about how I did it.  I realize this is probably individually specific and is only valuable as a case study.  However, … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

Things are starting to fall into place.   I don’t have complete details yet, but I have been looking into some specifics required to make the transition to Cat 2. This weekend I talked Angi into going to Carbondale for a … Continue reading

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After last weekend’s race, I am on the cusp of upgrading. I only need a few more points, which I expect to gather at this weekend’s Rocky Mountain Omnium where it looks like I’ll be racing the Criterium and Road …

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Criterium at Sandstone Ranch – 3 Upgrade Points!

When we pulled into the parking lot, we could see the 35+ Open race finishing.  It had been blown to shreds by the wind.  There was no visible peloton, only small groups of riders circling the course.  I knew it … Continue reading

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