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Wednesday Weekly Update

Cyclocross is offically here!  The local road racing season is finished with the exception of a fall mid-week TT series.  For those of us who know better, it is time to put away the TT bike and get the CX … Continue reading

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Table Mountain Race Series #1

Between working a different schedule, constant rain, and family obligations I was only able to ride for two hours last week.  I have the baby all day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so I usually don’t ride much on those … Continue reading

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Gauging Recovery from Heart Rate and Power

I received a question on gauging recovery status from heart rate and power.  I have almost two years worth of power and heart rate data, so I thought I would detail my experiences.  Keep in mind every rider is different, … Continue reading

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My final reader question post will address two-a-day workouts.  Doing two workouts in one day potentially can be more beneficial than one long workout.  For cycling, which is an endurance sport, this may be less true than others.  Other sports … Continue reading

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2010 Data in Review

I am in the early stages of planning for 2011, and one of the key things to look at is my performance in 2010.  I am using every tool available to me to try to figure out what worked.  I … Continue reading

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The Past Year – By The Numbers

I’ve been going quite well, and have not been doing my threshold estimation tests all summer long.  I find testing to me more useful during the early parts of the season when I am not racing as often. Since I’ve … Continue reading

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Yes, it is Thursday again… I promise I have some good content on the way folks, hang in there. In one week from today I leave for the TOUR DE FRANCE! I will be using the blog as a travelogue, …

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What It Takes

As you can see I have achieved my goal of upgrading to Cat 2.  I thought I would write about how I did it.  I realize this is probably individually specific and is only valuable as a case study.  However, … Continue reading

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TT Shakedown

Today I went for another time trial session.  This time I had almost the complete setup I’ll use for the State TT next weekend: longsleeved skinsuit, aero helmet, aero bars, and shoecovers.  The only thing missing is an aero front … Continue reading

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No upgrade points for this race. The course turned out to be the advertised length of about 200 meters.  This made the race a 100% all out sprint.  I noticed most of the races were won by the rider who …

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